Michael & Lysee's Minimal Fall Wedding

Photography by Alex Liebman,  AJL Studio

Photography by Alex Liebman, AJL Studio

How did you two meet?

We’re an internet couple!  We met on OkCupid about five years ago.

Who proposed and how did it happen?

The Proposal, Part One / Lysee: Michael and I have a tradition of going to Beacon, NY every year for our anniversary and staying at the Roundhouse. Beacon is a beautiful small town about 2 hours north of the city along the Hudson River. The Metro-North lets you off at the edge of town and you walk through Main Street about half a mile to get to the Roundhouse hotel - an incredible former textile mill that sits on a waterfall. Along the way, we stop at our favorite record store, vintage shop and chocolate shop. Michael had called the hotel in advance and got us upgraded to a room that overlooks the waterfall. We had a dinner reservation a couple hours later in the hotel restaurant. We decided to lounge in the room before dinner and I turned the TV on and landed on the movie Inception. I was pretty lost in the movie, but noticed Michael kept getting up to look out the window. After an hour or so, Michael suggested we go take a walk. But at this point, I really wanted to see how the movie ended. (Truth be told - I had seen it before…) Once the movie ended, we got dressed for dinner and decided to take a walk before our reservation. We ended up on a bench by the waterfall watching a wedding take place across the water. As many of you may know, I am obsessed with wedding food, specifically appetizers. I decided to look up the suggested wedding menu for The Roundhouse hotel. I proceeded to read off every single appetizer offering in detail.. there were about 30 options! Michael is sitting next to me, not nearly as excited by wedding hor d’oeuvres as I am, and proceeds to reach into his jacket. I thought he was kidding and slapped his hand away, going back to reading about a roasted tomato soup shooter and fresh ricotta with local honey drizzle….

The Proposal, Part One / Michael: We went to the Roundhouse the past two summers at the same time to celebrate our anniversary of dating, so there was nothing out of the ordinary about me planning a weekend getaway upstate in mid June. The Roundhouse is a beautiful hotel in a repurposed textile mill in the quaint town of Beacon NY. As always, we walked from the train station through town to the far end of Main St. where the hotel is located. It’s always a little tiring, which is why Lysee must have insisted on laying on the comfortable hotel bed watching Inception. I looked out the window across the river to the bench where I was planning to propose once I was able to convince my potential fiancé to go for a walk, or Inception (run time of 2 hours and 28 mins) ended. I cringed a little each time someone approached the proposal site and glanced at the bench. If the A/C hadn’t been cranking I would probably be drenched in sweat. Finally Inception ended and it was out the door. I had gone into the bathroom during a particularly dramatic moment of the movie and moved the ring box from my weekender bag to the pocket of my denim jacket - the package was in place.

To continue reading Part Two, please visit Michael & Lysee’s wedding website >>>

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What was the overall vibe you were trying to achieve with your wedding?

I definitely found myself using the term ‘minimal’ in a lot of my wedding search terms.  I didn’t want anything too grandiose or over-the-top. I wanted it to feel like ‘us’.

Michael and I initially wanted to get married upstate in or around Hudson Valley (where we got engaged), but we just couldn’t find a venue that we loved that was within our budget. We stumbled on The Green Building one day while we were walking our dog and we just knew it was the spot. The truth is, we love our neighborhood so much - so to have our wedding so close to our apartment and be able to work with all local vendors - just felt appropriate. On top of that, the overall vibe/aesthetic of the venue perfectly fit within my vision.
— Lysee

If you could relive one moment from the wedding, what would it be?

Our vows and first dance felt incredibly intimate, especially since we were being watched by 100+ people.  Yet somehow it felt like only Michael and I were in the room. When I think back on the wedding, exchanging vows and our first dance really stand out in my mind.  We listened to our first dance song so many times and practiced swaying in our kitchen, but when it actually happened it felt so, so magical.


First Dance Song:


What other music did you choose for your day?

  • Getting Ready Song/Playlist: Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour

  • Processional Song: Jose Gonzales - Heartbeats

  • Recessional Song: Talking Heads - This Must Be the Place

  • Final Song of the Night: Van Morrison - Wild Night


Two part question: What was the most important part of your wedding party, and what did you decide to let go, pending budget restraints, lack of time?

Music was very important to us.  I work in the music industry, so it was important that our music fit our taste.  We’ve been to so many weddings that had a ‘top 40’ playlist and that’s just not our style.  We loved working with our DJ, James, to set up the playlist. He took our song list and then added in some tunes that perfectly fit the vibe.  We got a ton of compliments and the dance floor was packed all night.

I’m not sure we ‘let go’ of anything - any roadblocks we encountered, we just found another way to make it work.


Your favorite picture from the wedding:


Are there any traditions you upheld or gave a special twist to? And/or were there any traditions you said NO WAY to?

It was important for Michael and I to bring in an officiant that knew us - we’re both non-religious and we wanted the ceremony to feel personal and not too ‘stiff.’  We brought in my cousin, Chris, who we’ve spent several summers with up in Maine. He was honestly the perfect person for the job and the tone was exactly what we wanted.  It was personal and lighthearted.


Was there anything that came up during the wedding planning process that you didn’t expect?

For some reason, I was surprised by the amount of paper goods.  In my head I had only accounted for invites and Save the Dates and had fully forgotten to account for all the other things: menus, escort cards, seating chart, cocktail menus, etc.  My friend, Liz, is an incredible graphic designer and she helped me design everything.

What advice would you give to someone starting the planning process?

It really does not need to be stressful.  There is zero reason to bombard yourself with countless options and decisions.  When you find something you like, trust your gut and stick with it. If you taste a cake and it’s delicious - go with it! - you don’t need to taste a dozen more cakes from different vendors and make your life difficult.  Just go with what feels right and don’t overthink it.

What advice would you give to someone in their first year of marriage?

An open line of communication is #1 - being able to communicate and talk through everything and anything.  


What does your marriage look like in 20 years?

I hope to be in the same neighborhood - likely in a bigger apartment with a bigger family!  



Venue: The Green Building

Coordinator: Starling

Dress: Lovely Bride

Make Up: Jenn Blumm

Hair: Rachael at Fox & Jane

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Suits: The Black Tux

Catering: Purslane

DJ: James Mulry

Photographer: Alex Liebman at AJL Studio

Florist: Megan Moriarty at MKM Design

Photobooth: Mirmir

Cake: Wild Flour

Ice Cream: Van Leeuwen

Hotel: Brooklyn Bridge One Hotel

Bachelorette Spa Day: City Well

Ring (Hers): Vrai & Oro

Ring (His): Holden

Skincare: Rescue Spa

Mani + Pedi: Hortus Works

Rehearsal Dinner: Frankie’s 457

Set the Mood with These Exposed Bulb Lighting Designs

Lighting can make or break the vibe of your event. When was the last time you attended a killer party under fluorescent lights? Exactly. "Few things can affect the atmosphere of a venue as profoundly as lighting," says SOG Productions.  

Planning an event in a raw space like the Green Building gives you the ultimate creative freedom -- with a little strategic lighting design, you can highlight architectural details you want your guests to focus on, like the texture of the exposed brick walls or the height of the ceilings. You can also use lighting to make the large room feel more cozy by focusing on prime areas of the reception, like the bar, dinner tables, or the dance floor. 

Make sure your lights are installed on dimmers so you can control the mood as the night goes on. This is particularly important around the dance floor, so guests feel comfortable busting a move. And don't forget to light important decor elements that you spent hours crafting, like your guest book or family photo display. 

Keep reading for some of our favorite lighting designs at the Green Building, including a few we offer in-house! 

Photo by Tory Williams

Photo by Tory Williams

Light Curtain

Not much beats something simple that makes a statement. The light curtain extends from the ceiling to the floor to create a dreamy backdrop for any occasion while casting a soft glow that is sure to get everyone on the dance floor. 

Available as an in-house rental. Ask your coordinator for details. 

Photo by Quyn Duong

Photo by Quyn Duong

Light Drape

Think of the light drape as the light curtain's sassy sister. The light drape is our newest design sure to bring the extra oomph and will pull focus right to where you want it. Use it to highlight the bar or give the DJ a cool space to jam. 

Available as an in-house rental. Ask your coordinator for details. 

Photo by JBM Photography

Photo by JBM Photography

Ceiling Bistro Lights

So you've noticed we love the look of exposed bulb lights. We really don't think you can go wrong any way you use them! String them from wall to wall illuminating the wood beam ceiling to truly immerse your guests in the quintessential chic warehouse vibe. 

Photo by Quyn Duong

Photo by Quyn Duong

Chandelier Lights

The team at Stortz Lighting designed a custom lighting installation inspired by the structure of the Green Building. We love the way the string lights mimic the chandeliers. 

Photo courtesy of Universal Light & Sound

Photo courtesy of Universal Light & Sound

Pendant Lights

Universal Light & Sound's iconic hanging pendant lights have taken the Brooklyn wedding world by storm. The varying lengths of each cord create the ultimate starry sky effect. Dance the night away under the glow of these beauties. 


Broken Box Mime Theater

ABOVE BELOW was a special two-night event presented by Gowanus Art & Production and Broken Box Mime Theater (BKBX) at the Green Building in 2015.  BKBX is a collaborative performance group that tells original stories through mime technique, without the use of props, sets, costumes or words.  Each evening the audience was taken on an epic journey inspired by place and perspective, via a collection of original short plays told entirely through movement and music. ABOVE BELOW woke up the adventurer, the romantic, the cynic, and the dreamer in all of us.

Photos by Chellise Michael

Jagermeister + 2Chainz

On a chilly night in November, FADER and Jagermeister invited hundreds of people to a celebratory evening at the Green Building to announce their new partnership “Unlocking the Craft.”  As part of the program, Jagermeister enlisted Atlanta hip-hop artist 2Chainz to create an original cocktail; the drink, ceremoniously dubbed “Dirty Amber,” was unveiled during a poppin' performance by the man himself.  FADER and Jagermeister converted the Green Building into an intimate concert venue, with Jager ambassadors mixing the “Dirty Amber“, a spice station for attendees to experience Jagermeister’s ingredients themselves, and iPads placed throughout the venue so guests could get a sneak peek of the documentary 2Chainz made at the Jagermeister factory.

Free People

In February 2015 Free People transformed the Green Building into a cozy, intimate sanctuary for an evening of candlelit yoga to celebrate the launch of their FP Movement line. Led by teacher Talia Sutra with a soundtrack curated by DJ Suga Shay, yogis of all levels came together for a magical night of movement and good vibes under the glow of our chandeliers.   Post-yoga, guests fueled up on healthy eats from Sweetgreen, and were sent off into the chilly night feeling inspired and refreshed.  

Steven Meisel + Vogue Italia Editorial Shoot

Before Swan Dive became your favorite outdoor summer bar, it was just an empty parking lot behind the Green Building. But famed Vogue photographer Steven Meisel saw it as a blank slate for something else entirely: a haven for wanderers, a bohemian love fest.  One of our favorite shoots of all time landed on Vogue Italia's cover for the December 2014 issue. 

Check out the full spread below, and see if you can spot hints of the Green Building (spoiler: brick). Watch the video at Vogue Italia.