Michael & Lysee's Minimal Fall Wedding

Photography by Alex Liebman,  AJL Studio

Photography by Alex Liebman, AJL Studio

How did you two meet?

We’re an internet couple!  We met on OkCupid about five years ago.

Who proposed and how did it happen?

The Proposal, Part One / Lysee: Michael and I have a tradition of going to Beacon, NY every year for our anniversary and staying at the Roundhouse. Beacon is a beautiful small town about 2 hours north of the city along the Hudson River. The Metro-North lets you off at the edge of town and you walk through Main Street about half a mile to get to the Roundhouse hotel - an incredible former textile mill that sits on a waterfall. Along the way, we stop at our favorite record store, vintage shop and chocolate shop. Michael had called the hotel in advance and got us upgraded to a room that overlooks the waterfall. We had a dinner reservation a couple hours later in the hotel restaurant. We decided to lounge in the room before dinner and I turned the TV on and landed on the movie Inception. I was pretty lost in the movie, but noticed Michael kept getting up to look out the window. After an hour or so, Michael suggested we go take a walk. But at this point, I really wanted to see how the movie ended. (Truth be told - I had seen it before…) Once the movie ended, we got dressed for dinner and decided to take a walk before our reservation. We ended up on a bench by the waterfall watching a wedding take place across the water. As many of you may know, I am obsessed with wedding food, specifically appetizers. I decided to look up the suggested wedding menu for The Roundhouse hotel. I proceeded to read off every single appetizer offering in detail.. there were about 30 options! Michael is sitting next to me, not nearly as excited by wedding hor d’oeuvres as I am, and proceeds to reach into his jacket. I thought he was kidding and slapped his hand away, going back to reading about a roasted tomato soup shooter and fresh ricotta with local honey drizzle….

The Proposal, Part One / Michael: We went to the Roundhouse the past two summers at the same time to celebrate our anniversary of dating, so there was nothing out of the ordinary about me planning a weekend getaway upstate in mid June. The Roundhouse is a beautiful hotel in a repurposed textile mill in the quaint town of Beacon NY. As always, we walked from the train station through town to the far end of Main St. where the hotel is located. It’s always a little tiring, which is why Lysee must have insisted on laying on the comfortable hotel bed watching Inception. I looked out the window across the river to the bench where I was planning to propose once I was able to convince my potential fiancé to go for a walk, or Inception (run time of 2 hours and 28 mins) ended. I cringed a little each time someone approached the proposal site and glanced at the bench. If the A/C hadn’t been cranking I would probably be drenched in sweat. Finally Inception ended and it was out the door. I had gone into the bathroom during a particularly dramatic moment of the movie and moved the ring box from my weekender bag to the pocket of my denim jacket - the package was in place.

To continue reading Part Two, please visit Michael & Lysee’s wedding website >>>

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What was the overall vibe you were trying to achieve with your wedding?

I definitely found myself using the term ‘minimal’ in a lot of my wedding search terms.  I didn’t want anything too grandiose or over-the-top. I wanted it to feel like ‘us’.

Michael and I initially wanted to get married upstate in or around Hudson Valley (where we got engaged), but we just couldn’t find a venue that we loved that was within our budget. We stumbled on The Green Building one day while we were walking our dog and we just knew it was the spot. The truth is, we love our neighborhood so much - so to have our wedding so close to our apartment and be able to work with all local vendors - just felt appropriate. On top of that, the overall vibe/aesthetic of the venue perfectly fit within my vision.
— Lysee

If you could relive one moment from the wedding, what would it be?

Our vows and first dance felt incredibly intimate, especially since we were being watched by 100+ people.  Yet somehow it felt like only Michael and I were in the room. When I think back on the wedding, exchanging vows and our first dance really stand out in my mind.  We listened to our first dance song so many times and practiced swaying in our kitchen, but when it actually happened it felt so, so magical.


First Dance Song:


What other music did you choose for your day?

  • Getting Ready Song/Playlist: Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour

  • Processional Song: Jose Gonzales - Heartbeats

  • Recessional Song: Talking Heads - This Must Be the Place

  • Final Song of the Night: Van Morrison - Wild Night


Two part question: What was the most important part of your wedding party, and what did you decide to let go, pending budget restraints, lack of time?

Music was very important to us.  I work in the music industry, so it was important that our music fit our taste.  We’ve been to so many weddings that had a ‘top 40’ playlist and that’s just not our style.  We loved working with our DJ, James, to set up the playlist. He took our song list and then added in some tunes that perfectly fit the vibe.  We got a ton of compliments and the dance floor was packed all night.

I’m not sure we ‘let go’ of anything - any roadblocks we encountered, we just found another way to make it work.


Your favorite picture from the wedding:


Are there any traditions you upheld or gave a special twist to? And/or were there any traditions you said NO WAY to?

It was important for Michael and I to bring in an officiant that knew us - we’re both non-religious and we wanted the ceremony to feel personal and not too ‘stiff.’  We brought in my cousin, Chris, who we’ve spent several summers with up in Maine. He was honestly the perfect person for the job and the tone was exactly what we wanted.  It was personal and lighthearted.


Was there anything that came up during the wedding planning process that you didn’t expect?

For some reason, I was surprised by the amount of paper goods.  In my head I had only accounted for invites and Save the Dates and had fully forgotten to account for all the other things: menus, escort cards, seating chart, cocktail menus, etc.  My friend, Liz, is an incredible graphic designer and she helped me design everything.

What advice would you give to someone starting the planning process?

It really does not need to be stressful.  There is zero reason to bombard yourself with countless options and decisions.  When you find something you like, trust your gut and stick with it. If you taste a cake and it’s delicious - go with it! - you don’t need to taste a dozen more cakes from different vendors and make your life difficult.  Just go with what feels right and don’t overthink it.

What advice would you give to someone in their first year of marriage?

An open line of communication is #1 - being able to communicate and talk through everything and anything.  


What does your marriage look like in 20 years?

I hope to be in the same neighborhood - likely in a bigger apartment with a bigger family!  



Venue: The Green Building

Coordinator: Starling

Dress: Lovely Bride

Make Up: Jenn Blumm

Hair: Rachael at Fox & Jane

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Suits: The Black Tux

Catering: Purslane

DJ: James Mulry

Photographer: Alex Liebman at AJL Studio

Florist: Megan Moriarty at MKM Design

Photobooth: Mirmir

Cake: Wild Flour

Ice Cream: Van Leeuwen

Hotel: Brooklyn Bridge One Hotel

Bachelorette Spa Day: City Well

Ring (Hers): Vrai & Oro

Ring (His): Holden

Skincare: Rescue Spa

Mani + Pedi: Hortus Works

Rehearsal Dinner: Frankie’s 457

Rebecca + Dov's Food Truck Wedding

This feature of Rebecca and Dov's wedding at the Green Building originally appeared on Style Me Pretty.

Throwing a food truck wedding seems like the kind of event a couple would set out to deliberately host. You know – the kind of idea that had been brewing for some time, with photos pinned to a secret Pinterest board and specific food trucks already on deck. But for Dov and me, the idea was a solution – a really delicious one – to the planning problems many couples typically face.

When Dov and I sat down to plan, we considered food, alcohol and music the holy trinity of our reception – the trifecta that truly makes for a great party. We also learned within a hot second that these were among the most expensive elements of any wedding. So to keep our guest list at 200 people, we made some decisions early on: we would search for a venue where we could stock our own bar, we wouldn’t use a traditional caterer and we would find the most fun DJ NYC could offer.

We preferred a venue that shined on its own and only needed a few subtle, seasonal details. We came across a former foundry called The Green Building on a quiet street in Brooklyn and fell in love with its exposed brick, vintage charm and sky-high ceilings.

We also had some stylistic preferences of our own. We wanted a wedding that was simple and informal. Dov grew up in Los Angeles, so we wanted our wedding to incorporate some of that casual elegance native to California. As a lifestyle editor who grew up in New York, I’ve seen just how elaborate and stunning weddings can become. But that level of grandeur just isn’t me (I skipped the veil and ditched the bouquet), and it certainly isn’t us. It was challenging to find vendors that had similarly restrained approaches, and it wasn’t until we decided to work with food trucks that we found some awesome collaborators.

Dov and I opted for a cocktail-style reception so guests would be up and about. We looked into some loft spaces but preferred a venue that shined on its own and only needed a few subtle, seasonal details. We came across a former foundry called The Green Building on a quiet street in Brooklyn and fell in love with its exposed brick, vintage charm and sky-high ceilings.

Since we weren’t using a traditional caterer, we had more freedom to serve the kind of food people love to eat – like grilled cheese, fish tacos and falafel. We thought about using some local Brooklyn restaurants to cater the food, but we wanted such a variety of options that no one restaurant made sense. We initially came across the concept of food trucks as something couples used as an extra element, like for dessert or as a late-night snack. But food trucks were our answer for the whole reception, allowing us to serve the kind of food we love to eat and cutting our food and alcohol budget by more than 60 percent.

That level of grandeur just isn’t me, and it certainly isn’t us.

We included a card in our wedding invitation informing guests that the reception would be “A Moveable Feast, featuring vegetarian fare from our favorite New York City food trucks.” We hired trucks that served four different types of grilled cheese and handmade sodas, Middle-Eastern cuisine, roasted local vegetables, fish tacos and customizable chipwiches for dessert. To top it all off, my mom made the wedding cake and additional pies, while the groom’s mom individually wrapped dozens of her homemade peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. And as a final detail, we served coffee and tea in to-go Anthora cups, as a final nod to New York City and the casual dining we love. The trucks were placed in the patio area of the venue, as well as on the street right outside. Guests were able to move from the patio to the reception room, and out to the street with ease.

It’s pretty amazing to know that we designed every single element of our wedding ourselves, which seemed like the right way to kick off sharing a life together.

For the bar, we chose our favorite top-shelf liquor combined with delicious wine, champagne and the craft beers we love. We set up a self-serve “craft beer garden” in the patio, so guests could help themselves to nine different types of beer — which included some local brews, ciders and seasonal ales — throughout the night.

And when it came to music, our friend Allyson Levine at Bob Gail Special Events recommended DJ James Mulry, who spins at the Wythe Hotel, for some great tunes. James was especially awesome on the big day – somehow incorporating my love for jazz and old standards with music that people actually want to get up and dance to. He also kept our wedding – both the ceremony and the reception – on schedule.

Planning a food truck wedding for 200 people was certainly a logistical nightmare at times – you basically quadruple the amount of vendors you’re dealing with, and how is one supposed to know how many fish tacos to order vs. falafels vs. pounds of roasted bokchoy?! But it’s pretty amazing to know that we designed every single element of our wedding ourselves, which seemed like the right way to kick off sharing a life together.

Thank you to these wedding vendors:

Photography: Katie Osgood | Floral Design: Joseph Richard Florals | Wedding Dress: Jenny Packham | DJ: James Mulry | Officiant: Rabbi Richard Camras | Venue: The Green Building | Alcohol Vendor:Warehouse Wines & Spirits | Beer Vendor: DeCicco's in Armonk | Bridal Shoes: Stuart Weitzman | Bride and MOB Hair Stylist: Halli Bivona | Chuppah: Gail Kogen (Groom's mom) | Cookies: Gail Kogen (Groom's Mom) | Food Truck: The Taco Truck | Food Truck: Morris Truck | Food Truck: Toum | Groom's Stylist: Geronimo De Ocampo Desumala III | Groom's Tie and Pocket Square: Paul Stuart | Ice Cream Truck: Coolhaus | Invitation Calligraphy: Ashley Curry | Ketubah: Stephanie Caplan | Local Vegetable Station: Westville | Menu Cards & Programs: Bride & Groom | Paper Products Printer: B Squared | Photobooth: We Love Photobooths! | Vendor: The Bride's Aunt & Grandmother | Venue Rentals:Broadway Party Rentals | Wedding Cake & Pies: Marya Shapiro (Bride's Mom)

McKenzie + Travis's City Meets Country Wedding

We met in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2009 at a yearlong work training program. For the first half of the program, we were simply acquaintances. As time moved on, Travis began hanging out around my cubical attempting to have casual conversation. His casual conversation usually consisted of making up funny nicknames for me - the most popular was "Mac N' Cheese." For the longest time, I thought Travis was from Texas because of thetwang in his voice. 

As time progressed, it was clear that Travis had a slight crush. In my usual awkward way, I pretended to ignore Travis' hints that he wanted to get to know me better. My darling friend Laura kept telling me to try and get to know Travis a little more, proclaiming, "He is such a nice guy. Give him a chance." But I was far too stubborn to give the guy from Texas a shot. 

One evening after a night out partying, we were in a taxi going home. The conversation suddenly turned toward the topic of breakfast and my friend said that she was in the mood for waffles. Travis jumped up and said, "Why don't you guys come over for brunch tomorrow? My roommate and I have all of this food, and we would love to make brunch for you." Of course this was a lie. Travis did not have any food in the bachelor pad, nor did he have any materials to cook with if he had some. Early the next morning, Travis set his alarm for 6 AM and ran to the store to buy EVERYTHING. When I found out about his journey to try to impress me and cook for me, I was suddenly beginning to crush on him too.

We dated, fell in love and became best friends. We met each other's friends and families who we now love as much as our own. We've had great times and bad times and many times in between, but through it all we've had each other.

The Green Building is the perfect location for us! From the outside it looks like an industrial warehouse. On the inside it has a rustic feel and is located in the heart of Brooklyn. It is the perfect mix of city and country, just like us.
— McKenzie

Venue: The Green Building
Photography: 5 West Studios
Wedding Planning: Fallon Carter Weddings
Floral: Brooklyn Dogwood
Hair and Make-Up: Melissa Formica

Caitlin + Marc's Brooklyn Wedding

This feature of Caitlin and Marc's wedding at the Green Building originally appeared on Style Me Pretty.

I grew up in New York and Marc grew up in the DC area. We have lived in Brooklyn for several years now, and really wanted to get married “in our backyard.” Roughly half of the guests would have to travel for our wedding, regardless of whether it was in DC or Brooklyn, so we decided to keep it local. Our focus from the beginning was to make sure the wedding didn’t feel overly stuffy. We didn’t want it to be just another formal affair. Looking back to other fun weddings we’ve been to, three things remain constant: great food, great music, and great people. So that’s what we focused on!

From the moment we walked into the Green Building we knew it was the perfect setting. We loved the vibe and feel of the building, and thought it really exemplified our borough. Jove Meyer Events was our wedding planner and he did an unbelievable job of helping us flesh out our vision. Not only did Jove help steer the design of the wedding, but he also coordinated all of the vendors and served as the day-of coordinator too. He was cool, calm, and collected throughout the entire process and we couldn’t have done it without him. Through Jove we were introduced to Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design and Patina. Rebecca was amazing and so easy to work with! We left much of the decision making up to both Rebecca and Jove, and they worked flawlessly together to create beautiful floral arrangements, tablescapes, the chuppah, and ceremony backdrop. Patina provided the Swag from The Color Condition, which we loved! It really brought a different feel to the room. For the food we went with Garces Catering, and this was actually their first NYC wedding. We got rave reviews all night long about the food and cocktail hour, and were so happy with the service we received. We were fortunate enough to have Sasithon Photography capture the day for us. We actually found her on Style Me Pretty! Sas is a truly remarkable person, both personally and professionally, and the quality of her work is exceptional. From the moment we met her we immediately clicked, and trusted her to take the creative lead from start to finish. She far exceeded our expectations.

Most of the design elements in the wedding as well as leading up to the wedding were inspired by our neighborhood and the venue. Once we settled on the Green Building, we found an amazing artist, Chase Kettl, to do our wedding invitations. We loved the laser engraved wooden invitations so much that it inspired several other details in the wedding such as the bar menu, table menus, table numbers, and place cards. Each individual guests’ first name was carved in wood and served as both the place card as well as the wedding favor. I didn’t want the bridesmaids to have another dress added to the “back of the closet” collection, so I gave them freedom to pick their own dress, so long as it was a shade of grey. To further the fun and casual tone of the wedding, we did away with suit rentals for the groomsmen, and simply provided them with the matching ties and suspenders.

Everyone says that something will go wrong on your wedding day and you just need to expect it and roll with the punches. Through the hard work of everyone involved in making our special day a reality, I can truly say that everything went off without a hitch. We couldn’t have been happier with how the evening turned out. One and a half years of planning was over in five and a half hours, and we loved every second of it!

Thank you to these wedding vendors:

Venue: The Green Building | Photography: Sasithon Photography | Wedding Planner / Designer: Jove Meyer Events | Floral Design: Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design | Wedding Dress: Pnina Tornai | Cake: Momofuku Milk Bar | Invitations: Chase Kettl | Bride's Shoes: Prada | Catering: Garces Events | Makeup: Rachel Wood Makeup | Hair: Pamela Baumgartner | DJ: Scott Melker | Band: Veronica Jokel Music | Groom's Suit: Canali | Bride Engagement Ring: Victor Canera | Bride Wedding Ring: Memoire | Cake Topper: MrMunny | Chalkboard Art: Sharp Shooter Signs And Designs | Getting Ready Location: Wythe Hotel | Groom And Groomsmen Ties:Bonobos | Groom Wedding Ring: Tiffany's | Groom's Shoes: Allen Edmonds | Groomsmen Suspenders: Fine And Dandy | Pizza Truck: Pizza Luca | Seltzer Bottles: Brooklyn Seltzer Boys | Swag By The Color Condition: Patina Rentals