Congratulations on booking the Green Building!

We've created this information packet to provide a comprehensive guide on hosting your event at the Green Building. Below you'll find floor plans, A/V specs, rental furniture, venue rules, and much more. Don't forget to check out our FAQs, and if you then have any more questions, please email your assigned venue coordinator. 

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Please share this with your DJ or Band.

Sound System:
•  (2) QSC, K10, Self-powered 10’ full-range speaker (1000w) (Wall mounted, forward facing)
•  (2) QSC, K8, Self-powered 8’ full-range speaker (1000w) (Wall mounted, side facing)

Video System:
•  (1) Panasonic, PT-D6000US, DLP Projector, 6500 Lumens
•  (1) 7’ x 12’ Fast-fold projection screen (Removable, available upon request)
* Laptop/Media connection to the A/V system is achieved by removable HDMI cable for video (Mini-display – HDMI adapter available for Macs) and 1/8” (mini-jack) cable for audio*

Control Rack:
•  (1) Allen & Heath, ZED10FX, 10 Channel mixing desk with built-in FX
•  (1) DBX, Zone PRO 640, 6 x 4 Digital zone processor (Security locked, inaccessible)
•  (2) Shure, SLX Wireless microphone system (Handheld only)
•  (1) Sony, BDP – S770, 3D Blu-ray/DVD/Media player
* Additional audio sources such as microphones, instruments, iPods, etc. can be connected to the sound system through any open channel on the mixing console in the control rack*




Your assigned venue coordinator will reach out to you to schedule your final walk through 4-6 weeks prior to your event date. Your planner and caterer are encouraged but not required to attend this meeting. This list below is a guideline of what will be discussed during this meeting. All details listed below are due at noon the Monday prior to your scheduled event date.

This deadline is necessary in order to insure that all details are correctly executed for your event.

Primary Email:
Primary Phone:


Name/Contact Info

Company Name/Primary Contact
Number of Staff: (Servers & Kitchen staff)

Company Name/Primary Contact 

Broadway Delivery Date/Time
All other Delivery Times
Caterer/Staff Arrival Time
Guest Invite Time
Ceremony Time
Evening Events
Event End
Caterer Departure Time/Hard Out time: (1 Hour After event end/guest departure time) Broadway Pick up Date/Time
Other pick up times for any other vendors


You or your caterer are required to submit a copy of insurance to the venue. We require $1M general aggregate/$1M per occurrence including property damage. 

# 6-ft tables
# 60" round tables
# 30" round tables (30” or 42” High)
# Folding Chairs (Black or White)
# Barn Tables - $95 per table
# Tolix Chairs - $8 per chair
Light Curtain - $250 per set
Light Drape - $350

Yes or no
Any special instructions? DJ or Band?

Yes or no

Yes or no
Size ( four 8’x4’ Pieces) | Height (7”, 12” or 24”) 

Bar piece?
- (5) Wood Tables & chairs
- (4) Mosaic Tiled Tables & Chairs


  • Breakdown Strategy
    • Who is responsible for florals (can guests take them)
    • Personal items (Family photos, décor, guestbook)
    • Gifts & cards
  • Who will be returning the following morning to pick up remaining items between 9-11AM and please provide contact info?
  • Will you be using either of the chalkboards (large or medium)?
  • All candles must be enclosed in votives or hurricanes. Glitter, confetti and sparklers are NOT permitted In the venue or on the surrounding streets. 

Guests can take;
Can be thrown away:
To be packed & brought home:
Picked up the following day:



•  A sanitation station must be set up in the kitchen or in the outdoor catering space. There are tables provided by TGB in the kitchen.
•  All trash must be removed from the building at the end of the event and placed in the dumpster.
•  All cardboard must be broken down and tied with twine (available in the kitchen) and placed next to dumpster.
•  All broken glass must be disposed of in a plastic-lined cardboard box and thrown in the dumpster at the end of the night.
•  Clients are required to provide their own trash bags.

Kitchen Rules:
•  Absolutely no dishes can be washed in the sink, there is no grease trap. Couples/Clients will be fined.
•  Exit doors must have a four foot clearance in front of them at all times.
•  Do not plug more than one high voltage appliance (percolator, convection oven) into the socket. Divide them among the sockets.
•  Remove all items from the fridge at the end of the event unless written approval to pick-up next morning.
•  Do not adjust the thermostat. Please ask the Operations Manager from TGB.
•  If there is a problem with the kitchen restroom, please inform the Operations Manager.
•  There is no smoking behind the kitchen, please go outside on the street.

Health and Safety:
•  First aid kit is located on the wall near the kitchen exit.
•  Floors in the main space are extremely slippery when wet. Clean all spills and leaks immediately with absorbent materials. Paper towels are provided by the building.
•  All broken glass must be swept up immediately. Do not leave it on the floor unattended.
•  Please orient yourself with the nearest fire exit and fire extinguishers upon arrival.

Bar Rules
•  Bars are portable and are not plumbed. Please plug the bars and check that there are bins underneath to catch condensation. Check periodically throughout the event.
•  All ice and water must be removed from the bars at the end of the event.
•  Un-plug drains and flush once with club soda or tap water before dumping drainage bin.
•  Bars must be clean and dry, please use soda water or cleaning product. 

Broadway Party Rentals (REQUIRED RENTAL VENDOR)
 In accordance with Broadway Rental policy all rentals must go back into the containers they were delivered in.
•  Glassware must be emptied and returned to the same lug that they were delivered in, i.e. champagne glasses go in champagne lug. Used glasses go right side up.
•  All used plates and utensils must go into crates lined with plastic. If there are no liners please use trash bags.
•  All linens should be put into plastic bags.
•  Oil must be removed from fryers and taken with the vendor.
•  Coals must be placed into metal trash bin provided by Broadway Party Rental and left outside. DO NOT empty coals into dumpster or any other Green Building trash receptacle.
•  Tables and chairs must be broken down and consolidated. See Operations Manager for placement.
•  All Broadway rentals excluding grills, and propane fryers must be consolidated in the main space, and removed from kitchen.
•  All large furniture items such as farm & barn tables from Broadway must be scheduled to be picked up that evening.

Green Building Furniture Rentals
•  Broken down and stacked as close to the kitchen as possible.
•  All rentals are stickered and should be separated from Broadway Rentals; this includes furniture rentals.

Items that are left for pick-up the following day must be left on the countertops in the kitchen. Nothing should be left on the kitchen floor. They can be picked up between 9-11am the following day unless otherwise indicated by your Private event manager, after this time TGB is not responsible for any items.

A final walk through must be done at the end of the event with the Operations Manager to insure all breakdown procedures have been followed correctly. If the building is not left as stipulated in the contract the party throwing the event will be charged.

There is an Onsite Operations Manager Provided for TGB. Please refer any building questions to them.

A Front Door Manager is also provided by TGB. Please refer questions regarding the private suite and transportation to them. 



From points North – Take 1-278 W (the BQE) toward Brooklyn/Staten Island. Take Exit #27 Atlantic Ave; make a left at the first light onto Columbia Street. Go seven (7) blocks and make a left onto Union Street. Travel seven (7) blocks to the corner of Union and Bond. The Green Building will be on your right.

From the Brooklyn Bridge continue onto Adams Street which turns into Boerum Place. Turn left onto Atlantic Ave. Turn right at the second cross street onto Hoyt Street. Continue (11) blocks to Union Street. Make a left and The Green Building will be on your right.

From the Manhattan Bridge continue onto Flatbush Avenue extension. Turn right onto Tilary Street. Take a left at Adams Street. Turn left on Atlantic Avenue, and a right on at the second cross street onto Hoyt Street. Continue (11) blocks to Union Street. Make a left and The Green Building will be on your right.

From the Battery Tunnel – Take exit 26 Hamilton Avenue. Turn left onto Smith Street. Turn right onto Union Street. The Green Building will be on your right at the corner of Union and Bond.

From points South – Take 1-278 (the BQE) E to exit 26 Hamilton Avenue. Make a slight right onto Hicks Street. Make a right onto Union Street. The Green Building will be on your right at the corner of Union and Bond.

Drivers should know that once they pass the Green Building, they will not be allowed to turn right until they get to 3rd Avenue. Once on 3rd Avenue, they should make another right onto 3rd Street, and a right onto Bond Street to get back to the corner of Union and Bond. All other roads will lead them to dead ends. That is the only way to circle around. If possible they should look for parking on Union Street within 3-4 blocks of the building.

Please be sure to inform your guests that there are no parking garages in the area. 



  • You are required to schedule a final walk-through within 30 days of event, but no later than 14 days prior.
  • Your day-of coordinator or planner, catering manager and other vendors are encouraged to attend but not required.
  • Final floor plan, headcount, timeline, day-of contact, Green Building furniture rentals, breakdown strategy, credit card number and vendor list must be submitted at the final walk- through.


  • You must hire (1) licensed bartender per 50 guests. Bartenders should be trained on how to recognize signs of intoxication and when to cut guests off.
  • A staffing agency can recommend number of staff for dinner based on your headcount and the style of your party. We strongly recommend heeding their recommendation for the best service; if you have any questions, please consult with your venue coordinator. Staffing teams must also include (1) captain.
  • You must also have hired/assigned a day-of coordinator who will act as your sober event point person for all vendors onsite. This can be a friend or family member, but please think carefully about the responsibilities you are giving to this person. This person must know all vendor contact information and the timeline for the day, along with instructions for packing up at the end of the night and remain onsite for a walk through of the venue at the end of the event. The Green Building can provide a day-of coordinator for an additional charge.
  • Staff must arrive at least one hour prior to guest arrival, and must be booked through one hour beyond guest departure to ensure that everything is broken down according to the Green Building policies.
  • Staff is not permitted to imbibe alcohol during the event. Intoxicated staff members may be asked to leave by the Green Building staff. The Green Building is not responsible for any fees incurred due to staff dismissal.


  • If alcoholic beverages are permitted to be sold on the Premises in connection with the Event and neither you nor your caterer is licensed to serve alcohol, you or your caterer must obtain a banquet permit or other applicable permit. All necessary liquor permits must be submitted to Licensor no later than 10 days before Check-In Time, and posted during the Term, in the manner required by Applicable Law.
  • Under no circumstances may a guest take an alcoholic beverage outside of the building. Licensor reserves the right to obtain law enforcement assistance if Licensee’s guests do not comply with the Green Building staff.
  • Bar service may not exceed six (6) hours (for example: 1 cocktail hour, 5 hour reception).
  • All alcohol (Beer, Wine, etc.) must be kept behind the bar and served by bar staff. Self serve bins or bottles of alcohol (beer, wine, liquor) placed on tables is not permitted.
  • Illegal drugs are not permitted on the property. 


  • All candles must be contained in votives. Tapered candles and candelabras are not allowed under any circumstances. No candles are allowed on the floors or in the private suite.
  • Glitter, sparklers, confetti are not permitted anywhere on the premises, including the outdoor courtyard or in the front of the building from the corner of Union & Bond to Nevins Street.


  • Licensee or its caterer must break down all Green Building tables and chairs and place against a wall in the main space, separate from third party rentals.
  • All third party rentals must be broken down and placed in front of the kitchen screen in the main space, including all kitchen items (china, glassware, flatware, etc.).
  • Licensee or its caterer must bag all trash and place outside the kitchen emergency exit.
  • All items of value (laptop, iPod, marriage certificate, personal heirlooms, gifts, cards,
  • etc.) should be taken with a responsible party at the end of the night.
  • Large rental items such as barn or farm tables must be loaded out the evening of the event to permit cleaning of the venue.
  • All decorative items (votives, paper goods, photos, etc.) must be packed up at the end of the night and placed on a kitchen counter or in the entryway for pick-up the following morning by 11:00 AM, unless otherwise approved by your Green Building coordinator in writing.
  • There must be a plan for flowers at the end of the night. Centerpieces and vessels must go home with guests, be placed with other personal items for pick-up the next morning, or designated as trash and tossed by catering staff.
  • After 11:00 AM, items left overnight may be tossed out, or a storage charge of $100.00 per half hour will be taken out of security deposit or billed to credit card received at final walk-through.