•  A sanitation station must be set up in the kitchen or in the outdoor catering space. There are tables provided by TGB in the kitchen.
•  All trash must be removed from the building at the end of the event and placed in the dumpster.
•  All cardboard must be broken down and tied with twine (available in the kitchen) and placed next to dumpster.
•  All broken glass must be disposed of in a plastic-lined cardboard box and thrown in the dumpster at the end of the night.
•  Clients are required to provide their own trash bags.

Kitchen Rules:
•  Absolutely no dishes can be washed in the sink, there is no grease trap. Couples/Clients will be fined.
•  Exit doors must have a four foot clearance in front of them at all times.
•  Do not plug more than one high voltage appliance (percolator, convection oven) into the socket. Divide them among the sockets.
•  Remove all items from the fridge at the end of the event unless written approval to pick-up next morning.
•  Do not adjust the thermostat. Please ask the Operations Manager from TGB.
•  If there is a problem with the kitchen restroom, please inform the Operations Manager.
•  There is no smoking behind the kitchen, please go outside on the street.

Health and Safety:
•  First aid kit is located on the wall near the kitchen exit.
•  Floors in the main space are extremely slippery when wet. Clean all spills and leaks immediately with absorbent materials. Paper towels are provided by the building.
•  All broken glass must be swept up immediately. Do not leave it on the floor unattended.
•  Please orient yourself with the nearest fire exit and fire extinguishers upon arrival.

Bar Rules
•  Bars are portable and are not plumbed. Please plug the bars and check that there are bins underneath to catch condensation. Check periodically throughout the event.
•  All ice and water must be removed from the bars at the end of the event.
•  Un-plug drains and flush once with club soda or tap water before dumping drainage bin.
•  Bars must be clean and dry, please use soda water or cleaning product. 

Broadway Party Rentals (REQUIRED RENTAL VENDOR)
 In accordance with Broadway Rental policy all rentals must go back into the containers they were delivered in.
•  Glassware must be emptied and returned to the same lug that they were delivered in, i.e. champagne glasses go in champagne lug. Used glasses go right side up.
•  All used plates and utensils must go into crates lined with plastic. If there are no liners please use trash bags.
•  All linens should be put into plastic bags.
•  Oil must be removed from fryers and taken with the vendor.
•  Coals must be placed into metal trash bin provided by Broadway Party Rental and left outside. DO NOT empty coals into dumpster or any other Green Building trash receptacle.
•  Tables and chairs must be broken down and consolidated. See Operations Manager for placement.
•  All Broadway rentals excluding grills, and propane fryers must be consolidated in the main space, and removed from kitchen.
•  All large furniture items such as farm & barn tables from Broadway must be scheduled to be picked up that evening.

Green Building Furniture Rentals
•  Broken down and stacked as close to the kitchen as possible.
•  All rentals are stickered and should be separated from Broadway Rentals; this includes furniture rentals.

Items that are left for pick-up the following day must be left on the countertops in the kitchen. Nothing should be left on the kitchen floor. They can be picked up between 9-11am the following day unless otherwise indicated by your Private event manager, after this time TGB is not responsible for any items.

A final walk through must be done at the end of the event with the Operations Manager to insure all breakdown procedures have been followed correctly. If the building is not left as stipulated in the contract the party throwing the event will be charged.

There is an Onsite Operations Manager Provided for TGB. Please refer any building questions to them.

A Front Door Manager is also provided by TGB. Please refer questions regarding the private suite and transportation to them.