• You are required to schedule a final walk-through within 30 days of event, but no later than 14 days prior.
  • Your day-of coordinator or planner, catering manager and other vendors are encouraged to attend but not required.
  • Final floor plan, headcount, timeline, day-of contact, Green Building furniture rentals, breakdown strategy, credit card number and vendor list must be submitted at the final walk- through.


  • You must hire (1) licensed bartender per 50 guests. Bartenders should be trained on how to recognize signs of intoxication and when to cut guests off.
  • A staffing agency can recommend number of staff for dinner based on your headcount and the style of your party. We strongly recommend heeding their recommendation for the best service; if you have any questions, please consult with your venue coordinator. Staffing teams must also include (1) captain.
  • You must also have hired/assigned a day-of coordinator who will act as your sober event point person for all vendors onsite. This can be a friend or family member, but please think carefully about the responsibilities you are giving to this person. This person must know all vendor contact information and the timeline for the day, along with instructions for packing up at the end of the night and remain onsite for a walk through of the venue at the end of the event. The Green Building can provide a day-of coordinator for an additional charge.
  • Staff must arrive at least one hour prior to guest arrival, and must be booked through one hour beyond guest departure to ensure that everything is broken down according to the Green Building policies.
  • Staff is not permitted to imbibe alcohol during the event. Intoxicated staff members may be asked to leave by the Green Building staff. The Green Building is not responsible for any fees incurred due to staff dismissal.


  • If alcoholic beverages are permitted to be sold on the Premises in connection with the Event and neither you nor your caterer is licensed to serve alcohol, you or your caterer must obtain a banquet permit or other applicable permit. All necessary liquor permits must be submitted to Licensor no later than 10 days before Check-In Time, and posted during the Term, in the manner required by Applicable Law.
  • Under no circumstances may a guest take an alcoholic beverage outside of the building. Licensor reserves the right to obtain law enforcement assistance if Licensee’s guests do not comply with the Green Building staff.
  • Bar service may not exceed six (6) hours (for example: 1 cocktail hour, 5 hour reception).
  • All alcohol (Beer, Wine, etc.) must be kept behind the bar and served by bar staff. Self serve bins or bottles of alcohol (beer, wine, liquor) placed on tables is not permitted.
  • Illegal drugs are not permitted on the property. 


  • All candles must be contained in votives. Tapered candles and candelabras are not allowed under any circumstances. No candles are allowed on the floors or in the private suite.
  • Glitter, sparklers, confetti are not permitted anywhere on the premises, including the outdoor courtyard or in the front of the building from the corner of Union & Bond to Nevins Street.


  • Licensee or its caterer must break down all Green Building tables and chairs and place against a wall in the main space, separate from third party rentals.
  • All third party rentals must be broken down and placed in front of the kitchen screen in the main space, including all kitchen items (china, glassware, flatware, etc.).
  • Licensee or its caterer must bag all trash and place outside the kitchen emergency exit.
  • All items of value (laptop, iPod, marriage certificate, personal heirlooms, gifts, cards,
  • etc.) should be taken with a responsible party at the end of the night.
  • Large rental items such as barn or farm tables must be loaded out the evening of the event to permit cleaning of the venue.
  • All decorative items (votives, paper goods, photos, etc.) must be packed up at the end of the night and placed on a kitchen counter or in the entryway for pick-up the following morning by 11:00 AM, unless otherwise approved by your Green Building coordinator in writing.
  • There must be a plan for flowers at the end of the night. Centerpieces and vessels must go home with guests, be placed with other personal items for pick-up the next morning, or designated as trash and tossed by catering staff.
  • After 11:00 AM, items left overnight may be tossed out, or a storage charge of $100.00 per half hour will be taken out of security deposit or billed to credit card received at final walk-through.