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The Raging Skillet

The Raging Skillet has been catering non-traditional weddings, international soirees and fabulous holiday bashes for 30 years! We are perhaps most known as the anti-caterer; everything is personalized down to the menu and style of service. Our food reflects fusions from Korea, Japan, Thailand, Cuba, South Carolina, New Orleans, Morocco, Jamaica, India, Puerto Rico, The South-West, The Middle-East, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and Chef Rossi’s mother’s Yiddish home cooking. We have been chosen by New York Magazine for their “Hottest Caterers of New York,” chosen 20 years running by New York Wedding as best wedding caterer, featured on The Food Network, called “eclectic, ethnic and off the wall” by the Zagat Survey who gave The Raging Skillet their very highest rating, written up as the new “Rebel Anti-Caterer” by The New York Times and winner of the Couple’s Choice Award for favorite caterer by “The Wedding Wire!” They’ve also won The Knot's Best of Wedding Caterer Award every year since 2010!

That’s 9 years in a row and because of it they also won the Knot’s Hall of Fame award for winning so many years in a row!!

“We believe food is love. Our mission is to replace the boring catering of yesteryear with fun, fabulous, exciting, delicious RAGING love cooking.” — The Raging Skillet

Get to Know The Raging Skillet


Owner & Executive Chef

Rossi, yes, she only has one name -– has been a writer for many publications, such as The Daily News, The New York Post, Time Out New York and Mcsweeney's to name a few. She has been the food writer of the "Eat Me" column for Bust magazine since 1998, hosts her own hit radio show on WOMR and WFMR in Cape Cod called "Bite This," now in its fourteenth season, has been featured on The Food Network and NPR and has been a popular blogger for The Huffington Post.

As the owner and executive chef of "The Raging Skillet," a cutting-edge catering company known for breaking any and all rules, Rossi has earned a reputation as the one to call when it's time to do something different. On November of 2015 Rossi’s first memoir; The Raging Skillet/The True Life Story of Chef Rossi was published from the Feminist Press to rave reviews.

“That Raging Skillet” was adapted for the stage in 2017 and has been a sold out smash hit in theaters nationwide. Look for the RAGE off Broadway one day soon. As an out loud and proud gay woman, Rossi dedicates her pen, her whisk, her voice and her personal mission to the pursuit of women’s rights, gay rights and transgender rights. She has been voted one of GO Magazine’s “100 Women We Love.” As a radio personality, writer, chef and public speaker, Rossi uses her public platform to empower the vulnerable and champion human rights.

“It just takes a little imagination and a lot of Chutzpah to open minds,” says Rossi “and a killer barbecue sauce.”

Rossi has just finished her screenplay adaptation of “The Raging Skillet!” Her second book, “Queen of the Jews” is near completion.

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