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BarkBox at The Green Building

Tails wagging, tongues flapping, paws at the ready. All their wide puppy eyes on the prize - sort of. As the race gates came up, New York's goofiest pups dashed every which way except toward the finish line and the crowd rumbled in laughter. BarkBox's Kentucky Derpy at the Green Building was in fact the derpiest family-fun event of the season.

Dozens of doggies ready to stretch their paws after a long New York winter came out to party with some of Instagram's most beloved like @chloekardoggian and @mervinthechihuahua.

The real star of the day was Casper, a 10 year old rescue dog with Waggytail Rescue who is looking for a good loving home. If you're interested in adopting him or other rescue dogs, put in an application with Waggytail.

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